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I fear what I cannot control … cannot manipulate … cannot overcome.

It is that immovable object, that insurmountable force which disturbs me. I should say it threatens my thirst for autonomy. It stands in the way of unbridled independence.

Part of me would like to control God. I’d like to know that if push came to shove I could have my way; that is until I need God to be God for my sake.

When I am overwhelmed, overcome, devastated and wrought with despair, I need God to be immovable, insurmountable, unchanging and in complete control. I need Him to be fearsome if He is to be a strong tower and a safe haven for me in the storms of life that expose my helpless condition.


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You can find them just about anywhere. Organizations, states, movements, even nations have been ruled by them. They show up in churches where power is up for grabs. They feed on control and indignantly bail out when none is to be had.

They seem bigger than life, loud and full of swagger that steals the spotlight wherever they go. But truth be known … they’re small, shallow posers preserving their fragile lives with a furious, yet feeble bark and bite.

No need to fear them.

They have far more reason to be afraid. Arrogance is laughable in the heavens where there is but one God, holy and utterly supreme. It is a costly gaffe to mistake the love of God for a willingness on His part to yield His throne to any whom He created. “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.” (Hebrews 10:31)

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