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I’ve moved my blog to a new domain … http://www.brokenyethopeful.com.

As a follower of montywaldron.wordpress.com, I’d love to stay connected with you at my new site.

Similar to the writing I did here in response to the psalms, I’m planning to continue writing what I hope are relatable responses to God’s word along with the ebb and flow of life. By the way,

I recently put my first 50 thought journals (inspired by Psalms 1-50) into print. The new book is called Say So! You can check it out at http://www.amazon.com/Say-So-Monty-F-Waldron/dp/1498415970/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418269435&sr=8-1&keywords=say+so+Waldron. It is a one-year interactive devotional with 50 psalms, 50 thought journals, and space for you to write a response of your own. I hope it will help you cultivate a deeper intimacy with your Heavenly Father than you’ve ever had before.

I’m so grateful for you following this blog and hope you jump with me to the new locale. If there’s anything you’d like to see me write about – topics, passages, etc. – please let me know (email is montyw@fbcrc.org).

Hope you have a great holiday season with family and friends! Grace upon grace,



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Psalm 46: Holding Out Hope

All of creation is in a tantrum (always has been), revolting like an angry child against its consequences of the fall in Eden (see Genesis 3). Natural and un-natural disasters plague our experience and fuel fears of living in a world we cannot control.

What if it all were to crumble? What if our greatest nightmares interrupted our waking hours?

  • God would still be the great I AM.
  • We would still find safe refuge for our souls in an all-sufficient Savior.
  • The redemptive plan of God would carry on unimpeded, certain of fulfillment at the moment He has appointed.

As impossible as it seems, when my world is unraveling … I can rest assured that God will hold me together. I need only to listen, watch, wait and hope (expectantly) for Him to show. “Be still and know that He is God.”

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Wouldn’t it be great if doing the right thing caused others to act in like kind? It just seems like returning a blessing for an insult ought to transform foes into friends, but it doesn’t always work that way. In some cases, no amount of kindness alters the animosity of adversaries.

The temptation then is to abandon goodwill and resort to aggression; give’m a taste of their own medicine. That’ll teach’m!

But in doing so, we sacrifice our character. We take matters into our own hands and sink to the level of our enemies.

Better to stay our course, maintain our high ground and pray for vindication; easy to say and hard to do!

God is far more capable of preserving us and dealing with bullies. He actually delights in coming to the aid of those who would trust Him to be the guardian He promises to be.

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