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Psalm 81: Listen

Biblical guardrails, warning labels, flashing yellow lights, caution signs, alarms, boundaries, harbors, sanctuaries abound … all for our safety, our longevity, our vitality, ensuring our arrival at a future worth having.

Stubborn hearts fail to listen, fail to heed and fail to follow; propelled by the quest for independence and cavalier about its consequences. How tragic when good will falls on deaf ears.

Divine governors regulate our “top end,” alert us to danger, and keep our britches between the ditches. Without limits, we can’t help but crash and burn.

So much of our misery is self-inflicted. How much of it could be avoided, if we would but listen to the gracious voice of our Maker.


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Apart from love (which we’re all called to display), what better adorns a king, a president, a CEO, a pastor or a parent in their unique leadership role than wisdom?

Some might say charisma, decisiveness, eloquence, benevolence; all of which are good and necessary. But what informs and activates those qualities more fruitfully than wisdom?

And what is the substance of wisdom than the fear of the Lord? (Proverbs 1:7; 15:33) And what is the fear of the Lord but humble submission to the One who ultimately places individuals in position of authority? (Romans 13:1; Proverbs 8:12-16) The best leaders are model followers.

Power that is given to any is granted for the good of the many. Those who have it would do well to plead with the Giver to enable them to gracefully exercise it in such a way that even the least of these are blessed.

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The average life expectancy is the U.S. right now is 78 years. Seems like forever to a teenager, a knock on the door to a senior adult. Subtract the time we spend sleeping, we’ve got about five decades to do whatever it is we’re going to do with our short stint on earth.

Strange isn’t it, how reckless we are with our days when we have what seems to be an endless supply.

I suppose one of the best ways to make the most of our days is to be mindful of how few of them we truly have and how significant each of them truly are. Hours become priceless when they are meager and an eternity awaits. Days are wasted when they are treated with contempt, taken for granted, consumed without thought of their eternal value.

By God’s abundant grace, may we make every thought, word and deed rich in righteousness for now and forevermore.

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Psalm 36: Two Paths

Evil is a dead end street. It gives the impression of freedom, power, assurance, cunning and control but leads to bondage, foolishness, misery and despair. To traffic in wickedness is to travel without light, careening through treacherous terrain into a deadly destination.

What little exhilaration one might feel evaporates when the wayward joyride comes to an abrupt stop.

There is another path paved with the steadfast love of God … loyal and enduring. Those who follow it are infused with light, vision, and wisdom. They are able to see their way through the trials of a broken world. They find themselves traveling under the watchful care of the One who will surely deliver them into the infinite abundance of His presence.

Wise are those who think less about the ease or difficulty of their present location and more about the place the path they follow will take them.

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